All Eyes On Me

Maybe, what we look at has the power to kill us.

I have been in a season with God that He has continuously whispered to my heart, “1.2.3. all eyes on Me” and “Keep your eyes on Me, Jenn”. I really thought I understood this and it was as simple as reading the Bible and praying. I soon found out that it’s a lot more than just that!

Several weeks ago I watched the Netflix movie “Birdbox”, staring Sandra Bullock. The premise of the movie is there is an evil spirit that is roaming the earth and as people see it, this spirit over takes them and they either kill themselves or they take the lives of others. The only way to protect yourself was to wear a blindfold to cover your eyes from seeing the evil that was present. As I watched this I saw a spiritual aspect within it. Could it be that our spiritual life is not much different? Maybe, what we look at has the power to kill us… this point you may be thinking she’s going off the deep end! Just stick with me for a minute…

Recently I had a situation come up that caused me to become offended, hurt and frustrated. It was out of my control, but quickly came to realize that if I focus on my feelings and the hurt, my heart would be distracted from the call I have on my life. I knew these people had no ill intent to hurt me, but I had to see that this was not a battle of flesh and blood, but was against spiritual forces, ~Eph. 6:12

Over the next several days I allowed God to work in my heart and show me where I was wrong. It was when I acknowledged and owned my heart attitude, apologized, and repented that all the feelings faded away and the bitterness lifted. BUT God wasn’t done with me yet, because He’s all about the process.

I was in my quiet time and feeling again frustrated and defeated. I love using YouTube to find new worship songs for the season I’m in. That day “Frontiers” and “Strength Of My Life“, by Vertical Worship popped up. I played them several times, allowing these songs to resonate within my heart and guide my prayer. I could hear the Holy Spirit whisper, Galatians 5:6 …”The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” The next song that played was, “Waymaker” by Michael W. Smith with Vanessa Campagna and Madelyn Berry. The lyrics grabbed my attention, “He never stops working even when we can’t see or feel it…Miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness…My God that is who You are.” I went back to listen to the other two songs and opened my devotional, “Come Away My Beloved” by Frances J. Roberts the chapter was called, “Remove The Rocks”. This part I read pricked my heart, but oh how sweet the revelation! Page 68, “Your eyes will not look upon My face while they are still engaged in viewing the faults and imperfections in the brethren. When you look to Me in truth and sincerity and repentance, you shall indeed see Me, and having seen Me, you will look upon your brothers and sisters with love and understanding and patience, knowing full well the needs in you own heart and life.”

Light bulb moment….My distractions, and deceit come when I started looking to the left and to the right. It’s only when we look upon the face of God can a heart live in love, with an outpouring life of faith. All of a sudden I can now see another life worth dying for. When we are willing to die for someone else we aren’t doing it with bitterness in our hearts or contemplating if they are worthy – we jump in because we’ve experienced this same love. The lyrics to “Frontiers” inspired more revelation, “Lead me to the edge of myself, Take me to the edge of something greater…..You have overcome my deepest fear, with your love.”

God gave me the “Birdbox” movie scene again…and took me to Matthew 27:45-50. Jesus was hanging on the cross bearing all the weight of sin and shame and He never said a word. His whole ministry on earth was to do only what He saw His Father do (John 5:19). He kept His eyes on Him! In Matthew 27:45, That afternoon a darkness came over all the land and Jesus cries out “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” I sat in those verses and the tears started streaming down my face. God began to show me that for the first time His son, Jesus’ eyes were no longer able to look on Him, and He had to stare into the eyes of all the evil and sin. All things evil leave us feeling alone, separated, ashamed and scared. The only other sound Jesus made on the cross is found in verse 50, “And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.” It was only because Jesus’ eyes stayed on His Father was He able to complete the sacrifice and purpose of His life.

How much more then is it important for us to do the same? When we lay our hearts open ready to repent He will purge away the poison within our souls. When we practice repentance He is able to move within our lives to bring us healing, blessings, revival, and renewal to our lives. When we turn our eyes upon Jesus we are changed from the inside and all the love we have come to experience from Him overflows into our families and communities. We can then live a life of faith expressed through love.

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